How can you benefit from Outsource Hotel Housekeeping?

Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular because it:

  • 1. Saves you Money.
  • 2. Saves you Time.
  • 3. Improves Quality.

Housekeeping department has the biggest man count in hotels. While housekeeping is essential to service, it’s not where GM’s need to spend most of their time and effort. In this competitive economic environment where everybody is hungry (or at least should be) for more business, as much effort as possible should be invested into keeping and growing their customer base.

Our service allows hotel managers and owners to focus on their main objective – growing their business. Once our services are established all the checks and balances come into play. Front desk and maintenance departments become more efficient. Since you are billed per occupied room, you get exactly what you pay for.  It’s in our best interest to do quality work fast. You will notice maintenance requests and inventory reports filed on time, front desk communication improved. We guaranty our service, so you do not have to worry about quality. Our relationship with Comfort Inn and Suites Airport (Fort Myers, FL) produced wonderful result – Platinum award.

Our Service is the best tool you can have in this business environment. We will recruit, train and manage your whole housekeeping department.

Hi my name is Yale Holcomb, I’m the General Manager of the Hotel Indigo here at St. Louis Missouri and TOSS has worked for us for about 4 months now and there’s really been a big improvement in our housekeeping scores. It’s a big time savings benefit and a cost savings for the hotel as well.

Honestly working with housekeeping department is always been challenging area for any hotel manager and it usually takes up a lot of manager’s time during hiring, interviewing and training. Since TOSS has been here, I haven’t had those problems. When somebody quits, they are replaced efficiently and trained. It’s really been very beneficial as far as freeing up my time to worry about the issues in the hotel.

Highly recommend TOSS.

Yale Holcomb