Hotel Housekeeping adjustments during peak Season

Almost every hotel around the world is impacted one way or the other by Seasonal occupancy changes. Hiring, training and managing housekeeping staff can be very challenging before and after the season. This is another reason why our clients partnered up with us. Once we establish our services Hotel management is no longer preoccupied with staffing headaches and confidently focuses on more important tasks. Outsource housekeeping is a life saver for hotels with extreme seasonal highs and lows.

Good Morning. My name is Ken Carpenter, I’m the General Manager of Wynstar Inn and Suites.
I'd like to talk to you a today about a company that we hired. The name of the company is TOSS Inc. We decided last April to outsource our housekeeping and that included our laundry facility as well. We were a little apprehensive initially because we do take pride in the cleanliness of our hotel. But I must say the transition went very smoothly and I would certainly, highly recommend TOSS Inc.
Not only do we have a cost savings with payroll taxes, as well as workman's comp. We haven't lost the steps as far as the cleanliness of our rooms. They do weekly inventories for us. The other thing that we don’t have to worry about any longer is scheduling, don't have to worry about vacation, sick leave, if there's an issue with employees, we just contact TOSS and they have another employee on the property within half an hour.
So once again, I would highly recommend this company that has done a great job for us. And have a great day!

Ken Carpenter, GM Wynstar Inn and Suites