Curious about Outsource Hotel Housekeeping

Curious if outsource housekeeping might be right for your business? Educate yourself by watching this video. Listen to GM as he talks about his experience with TOSS Inc. The main reasons for outsourcing are:

  • 1. Big savings on payroll dollars.
  • 2. Elimination of employee related issues – hiring, firing and overtime.
  • 3. Being able to concentrate on your core business.

The same reasons apply to outsource housekeeping. We are able to offer our clients a solution that brings all the benefits of outsourcing. Just imagine being able to cut costs, improve quality and gain more time to do what makes you the most money. This is our solution to constantly changing business environment. Find out more by filling out the contact form on the right.

Hi I’m Ron Beatner, I’m the General Manager of the Main Stay Suites Fort Myers.

We had TOSS for approximately 6 months doing our housekeeping work. We are very pleased with the results that we achieved as far. They stabilize our cost as far as budgetary item. We saved money on workman’s comp, local and federal taxes that we have to pay, our matching contributions.

They just are a very good company to have working with you. They are part of the family. The employees are treated no different as if they worked for us but we have all the appraisal savings to go with it.

We will certainly recommend TOSS to anyone who wants to stabilize their cost and ones to just improve the quality of housekeeping. Because our rooms are of superior in nature and our complaints are very minimal. We haven’t had a complaint for the last 3 months. And we feel that is quite an achievement.

Ron Beatner, GM Main Stay Suites